The present interface provides access to SODISM Level 1B data products.

    Warning: as yet (May 2016), only a subset of all the data has been processed.

User Guide for this interface

  1. On the column at the left of the web pages of this interface, click the year of the data products that are to be browsed.
  2. Once the year of interest is selected, the months of that year appear in a row at the top of the page, which will then replace the present user guide panel (Click the upper panel marked 'SODISM' to return to this user guide).
  3. Months without data are grayed out; selectable months present a white background.
  4. Select a month; its background will then turn colored in light blue.
  5. Once a month is selected, pick a day in a way similar to choosing the month of interest. The observations that are available for that day are then displayed as icons. Those can be enlarged and then downloaded as JPEG and/or compressed FITS files.

Click here to return to the main level of the Picard web site.

Click the upper panel marked 'SODISM' to return to this user guide, which is the topmost level of the data interface.

Other access to L1B data

Alternatively, the same datasets can be accessed via FTP (server =, login = picardweb, password = ftp).

Information about the Level 1B

As of June 2014, only weekly observations in the 535D channel are ready. The web and FTP ressource will be populated with more L1B products as they become available. 

Information about SODISM instrumental corrections (viz. level 1B) can be found here (in French for the time being).

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